About this game:

'Spiders in my office! VR'
is my first project compatible with Oculus Rift, consists of a Virtual Reality adaptation of my previous work. To perform this objective a first person view was implemented and also the HUD was adjusted to make it confortable with the VR experience. Some changes were made to the control schema and support for X360 controller was added too. The map is now bigger and more intereactive, adding a new zone (a forest) and dynamic elements that react to events. Your mission keeps being the same: kill all enemies waves before they kill you!
Headphones and X360 controller is recommended for best experience

· Oculus Rift compatible.

· Kill enemies waves more numerous and dangerous each time.

· Full map, now it's bigger and has more content.

· Day/Night cycle with dynamic lights.

· HUD Virtual Reality Ready.

· Update to lastest Oculus SDK coming soon.


Xbox 360 Controller:

[LStick] --> Move

[RStick] --> Turn

[RTrigger] --> Shoot

[LTrigger] --> Run

[X] --> Reload weapon

[Y] --> Toggle flashlight

[A] --> Open/Close doors

[B] --> Activate/Deactivate player rendering

[DPad] --> Change weapon


[W] [A] [S] [D] --> Move

[LeftShift] --> Run

[R] --> Recenter Oculus

[X] --> Activate/Deactivate player rendering

[MouseMovement] --> Turn

[LeftMouseButton] --> Shoot

[RightMouseButton] --> Toggle flashlight

[1] [2] [3] --> Change weapon

[Q] --> Reload weapon

[E] --> Open/Close doors

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Download monitor version (non Oculus) from here.

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