About this game:

'Spiders in my office!'
is the last and more complete of my actual projects. It's a bird's eye view shooter with dark atmosphere in which you have to survive to huge waves of enemies that will be more numerous and dangerouse each time, using one of your three weapons to accomplish your mission: handgun, shotgun or machinegun. Every time you kill an enemy your experience will rise, once you get enough your level will increase and you'll be deadlier.

· 3 weapons at your disposal.

· 2 types of different enemies.

· Dynamic cam when you are in combat.

· Use items like the flaslight or doors.

· Day/Night cycle with dynamic lights.



[W] [A] [S] [D] --> Move

[LeftShift] --> Run

[MouseMovement] --> Aim

[LeftMouseButton] --> Shoot

[1] [2] [3] --> Change weapon

[R] --> Reload Weapon

[F] --> Activate/Deactivate flashlight

[E] --> Open/Close Doors


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