About this game:

'R.P.G (Proof of concept)'
it's a third person playable demostration about all the character's skills, attributes, vitals and level logical programming. In this demo the player will decide character's skills and vitals values based on the attributes values. The character will own an inventory wherein can store weapons and objetcs that can be picked up from the level grond. The inventory, skills, attributes and vitals values can be displayed ingame on the HUD.

· Customize chracter's skills and attributes at your liking.

· Open chests and pick up objects that you will be able to equip.

· Save your game and continue later on.

· Enemies can equip weapons too.

· Use teleporting portals.

· Day/Night cycle with dynamic lights.



[W] [A] [S] [D] --> Move

[LeftShift] --> Run

[RightMouseButton] + [MouseMove] --> Spin around camera

[I] --> Open inventory

[C] --> Open character stats panel

· Click on the chest to open it

· Hover the mouse over inventory icons to see object's information


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