About this game:

This was my first project using Unity 3D engine, 'F.P.S' is a first person shooter where the objective is to kill enemies, they'll be equiped with weapons and will try to kill you too. Enemies will walk using random paths until they see you, then they'll chase you using the shorter path to your position.

· 2 weapons to equip and use

· Pick up ammunition from ammo boxes around the map

· Enemies with different damage hitboxes

· Enemies won't attack you if they dont see you. Use stealth!

· Enemies with inverse kinematics arms animation



[W] [A] [S] [D] --> Move

[LeftMouseButton] --> Shoot

[RightMouseButton] --> Aim

[Space] --> Jump

[R] --> Reload weapon

[E] --> Open/Close doors - Pick up weapons from ground

· Touch ammo boxes to get aditional ammo


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